My oldest son, Svein-Olav, was born in Bergen at Betanien Hospital on August 25, 1981. At that time, I was working at the Methodist Theological Study Center in Fyllingsdalen, Bergen. In 1983, our family moved to Atlanta, USA, where I began studies for my Ph.D. at Emory University.

On June 19, 1985, John-Erik was born in Atlanta at Grady Memorial Hospital. He was baptized in Glenn Memorial Church on Emory Campus. Later that summer, my family returned to Norway, while I continued my study in Kyoto, Japan. They came to visit me for three months during the spring of 1986.

The whole family returned to Bergen, Norway, in the fall of 1986. On regular occasions I went back to the US teach for short periods in Washington DC. On one such trip, my boys came along. Here are a couple of pictures from that occasion:

In 1991, the family moved from Bergen to Alta in Northern Norway, where I began to teach religion at Finnmark College, the northernmost college in the world! Our family, however, split up after a couple of years in Alta, and my wife, Karin, and the boys moved back to their mother's home town, Larvik, south of Oslo. Today (summer 2000), Svein-Olav is waiting to do his military duties in Bardufoss, and John-Erik will attend his final year in junior high (10th grade). Both boys have a great interest in computers which they mainly use for games and chatting on the internet.

Here are a couple of pictures of them, taken about 3 years ago:

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